Tuesday, September 12, 2017


New Delhi, September 12: The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) General Secretary S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa today sought immediate intervention by the Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh in the matter of banning of carrying Kirpan by Karnataka government.
            In a letter written to Home Minister, S. Sirsa said that it has been reported in media that Government of Karnataka has issued an order banning acquisition, possession and carrying of arms without license, specified in category V of the schedule I of the Arms Rules of 2016, in public places under the jurisdiction of Bengaluru city. The banning weapons list includes Kirpan which is religious symbol of the Sikhism and it is inseparable article of faith for the Amritdhari Sikhs and must wear it all the time as per Sikh code of conduct.
            He further said that as per the Constitution of India under the Article 25, Sikhs have been granted exemption to carry kirpan (article of Sikh faith) under freedom of practice of religion. the same article also guarantees the right of members of the Sikh faith to bear a 'KIRPAN AND RELIGIONS REQUIRE NO REGISTRATION'.  It is against the Right to Freedom of Practice of Religion as given in charter of rights contained in Part III of Constitution of India vide Article 25 to 28.
             S. Sirsa said that this decision has come as a shock to the community that Kirpan can be banned in their motherland.  This is a very serious matter and which needs to be addressed immediately by central Govt considering the sentiments of Sikhs.
            Seeking his intervention in matter, he requested him to immediately  intervene in this matter immediately to get the Sikhs exempted against banning of carrying Kirpan in Bengaluru city and issue necessary orders to Bengaluru airport authorities to allow Sikh passengers to board and travel on the plane along with kirpan as a religious symbol as permitted under Civil Aviation Rules.
            S. Sirsa also brought to the notice of Home Minister that in an earlier incident, at the Bengaluru airport, Sikh passengers were forcefully deboarded from the flight and refused to board the flight due to wearing Kirpan as article of faith. Despite knowing the fact Sikh passengers and traveling in domestic flight in India are allowed to carry the kirpan with size 6 inch blade and 3 inch handle on board under Civil Aviation Rules, Govt. of India.


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